Amspaces offers all the features needed to run your business efficiently

We focus on simplicity and functionality. Our platform includes tools to help space owners better manage resources, promote their space and grow their community. Whether you're a shared office, coworking space, or a multi-location hub, Amspaces can meet your needs.

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Core Features

Wouldn't you like to have more time for growing members and communities at your coworking and shared office space?
Amspaces automates tedious tasks like billings, member onboarding, inventory management, bookings etc. in the simplest way


Take control of your inventory

Manage your entire office resources like desks, cabins, meeting rooms etc. on a single platform and keep track of everything that is going on in your space. Our interactive dashboard provides you a holistic view of your resources on a single screen


Manage Your Memberships Contracts

Create highly customizable plans for your members with variables like timely escalations, modifications etc. Amspaces provides flexibility to accommodate all your business dynamics. Add time passes, booking credits, free & paid parking slots, deposits, or anything else. We empower you with endless possibilities


Automate Billing and Payments

Based on their membership plans & resource utilization, Amspaces auto-shares draft as well as final invoices with your members. We empower you with options and integrates with the payment gateway of your choice. Also, payment reminders and tracking become easy with us


Never miss a prospective customer

Keep a track of visiting members and guests accessing your spaces. Visitors are automatically notified by emails on check-in, so do members when a guest visits them

Meeting Rooms

Manage your Resource Bookings

Add as much resources and let your members check meeting room availability and book in real-time from anywhere. Booking charges are automatically calculated based on resource utilization by members and are raised as an invoice to your members


Let your members know you appreciate their feedback

We know a happy community means everything to you. Allow members to easily report if something is working or not. You get instantly notified whenever an issue is raised


Proactive Analysis of Business Performance

Get real-time analysis for multiple business dimensions like average membership expiry, occupancy analysis, cash-flow analysis, billing & payment trends, receivable ageing, resource usage, members profiles and activity or any other area of operation. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel