A solution for businesses of all scales

One of the largest provider of managed office as a service in India, Indiqube is using Amspaces to manage a portfolio of 50+ properties

Having leasing and coworking as a business model, Nukleus Offices uses it for both operations management & enhancing client experience

A boutique coworking space based out of Mumbai, Arohas has been using Amspaces since 2019 and has grown 3X since then

Take faster and informed decisions with real-time updates

Our integrated modules help you to get real-time update on anything be it occupancy, monthly billings, payment realizations, receivable risk analysis or sales closure. We ensure to notify you for all the critical aspects be it sales inactivity or outstanding payments.

  • Single integrated platform for easy management
  • Time & action based notifications
  • Engineered to reduce turnaround time for every operation
  • 50+ reports for different business needs
  • Analyze performance at property & portfolio level
  • Centralized management to ensure you have control at any scale

Manage every business operation on one platform

We understand that providing coworking and managed office space is operational intensive. We have a solution for every challenge of business  

  • CRM designed for coworking & leasing business
  • Real Estate inventory management
  • Contract management & documentation
  • Invoicing, collections and receivable management
  • Bookings, visitors & incident management
  • State-of-the-art Mobile app for coworker engagement

Grow more with less investments

As business scales, it becomes difficult to manage multiple operations which demands a lot of manhours. We have designed each module to reduce turnaround time of task at hand so to minimize efforts & business costs

  • Algorithmic calculations for escalations and pro-rated billing amount
  • Credit management for meeting rooms, printing and other services
  • Automated email communications & payment reminders
  • Daily nudges for sales team for inactive deals in pipeline
  • Automated payment settlements for quick reconciliations
  • Integrate with accounting & e-Invoicing platforms to eliminate manual entry


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us try to answer your queries. If we miss to cover any, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to address them.

1. How does the pricing model works for coworking solution?

We price our products either on per desk basis or per property basis depending on the modules you are interested in. Please check out pricing for Smart Office and Quick Invoice solution. Reach out to us and we would be happy to share more details depending on your requirements

2. Can I go for specific modules instead of entire product?

Yes, depending on your requirements, your can opt for modules you need for your business

3. At what scale of business should I opt for Amspaces?

The sooner you standardize operations, the better it would be for business scalability. However, we believe it is economically cheaper to manually manage things at a scale where you are operating less that 50-60 desks or less than 10 customers.

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Customer Stories

Explore how we have been solving problems for our customers

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Indiqube (55 Locations)

Indiqube (55 Locations)

Modules in Use: Office Space Inventory , Tenant, Landlords, Billings & payments, Document Management, E-Invoicing & digital signature integration, Mobile app integration

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Arohas (1 Location)

Arohas (1 Location)

Modules in use: Office Inventory, Floor Pans, Bookings, Visitor Management, Incident Management, Expense, Consumption Management, Billing & Contract Management

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