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Enhance Workplace Productivity & Coworker Experience

Automate all workplace needs of coworkers like guest invite & approvals, meeting room bookings, incident reporting, contact directory etc. on one mobile app

  • Meeting Room booking management
  • One-click incident reporting
  • State-of-the-art visitor management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Broadcast workplace updates
  • Anywhere, anytime accessibility

Proactive & Efficient Management of Office Administration

Helps facility and admin team to manage tasks hassle-free, eliminate goof-ups and enhanced coworker experience through real-time evaluation

  • Efficient check-in facility
  • No more missing meeting room bookings
  • Increase community interaction using ticketing system
  • Custom reports and panels
  • Smart solutions for office workspaces
  • Efficient coworker engagement

Reduce turnaround time, eliminate miscommunications & chaos

At the core of our solution, we try to eliminate inefficiencies and chaos produced by miscommunications and ambiguity. Thus eliminating any reasons for poor experiences due to workplace management

  • Transparent Communications
  • Avoid last minute panic before meetings
  • Reduced inefficient interactions
  • Seamless visitor experience
  • Real-time reporting & analysis
  • Get insights on workplace inefficiencies


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us try to answer your queries. If we miss to cover any, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to address them

1. How does back pricing work?

We price our products either on per location basis depending on the modules you are interested in. Please check out pricing for Smart Office. Reach out to us and we would be happy to share more details depending on your requirements

2. Do I have to pay for each user?

We understand that user based pricing would leave you in dilemma on the number of accounts to be subscribed for. Hence, we do not provide any restrictions on number of users for a property

3. Is there an option to opt for just Mobile app or web app?

Yes, we are flexible to the use cases and would be happy to accustom to your needs. Reach out to our sales team and they would help you out with app only / web only configurations and pricing

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Customer Stories

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Solutions: Web and Mobile App

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Solutions: Web based application

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