Brings scale to rental & leasing Invoicing

Our team of finance experts have paid attention to smallest of the problem in leasing and rental invoicing which reflects in our product

Complete Invoice Automation

Quick Invoices helps to generate & send all periodic invoices in a single click therefore drastically reducing invoicing manhours and cost

Multiple Billing Instruments

Create all sort of billing instruments like invoices, credit & debit notes, proforma invoice, security deposit receipts, payment acknowledgements etc.

Automated Settlements

Be it write-offs, settlements against deposits, or single payment against multiple invoices, Quick Invoice covers all possible scenarios for settlement

Complete Invoice Automation

Never lose a penny due to human errors

Automate every aspect of your invoicing process from pro-rata & escalation calculations to drafting, emailing and signing invoices. Not just this, Quick Invoice also helps you to plan your tax liabilities.

  • Eliminates manual calculations for pro-rata and escalations
  • Generate all invoices with one click
  • Separate invoices for pay-per-use transactions
  • Activity logs on Invoices for internal controls
  • Single-click print and emailing for all invoices
  • Integrate with third party applications for e-invoicing, digital signatures etc.

Multiple Billing Instruments

Document every transaction of business

Quick Invoice allows to create all sort of transactional notes that you'll need in your business be it invoices, pro-forma invoices, deposit receipts, deposit acknowledgements, payment acknowledgements etc. to give complete control to you

  • Generate credit & debit notes
  • Send pro-forma invoices before tax invoices
  • Convert pro-forma invoices to tax invoice & eliminate duplicate efforts
  • Security deposit receipts
  • Payment receipt
  • Strong internal controls

Easy Payment Settlements

Detailed settlements in every possible scenario

Settle outstanding invoices against cash payments, security deposit or write off. Analyze risk associated with your outstanding payments against deposit in hand

  • Settle payments at Invoice level
  • TDS adjustments analyse against filed reports
  • Send automated remainders for outstanding payments
  • Receivable reporting
  • Track write-offs & adjustment of deposits
  • Provision to add unaccounted payments

Invoicing solution specific to the needs of leasing business

Simple & Effortless

Since renting business involves both fixed contracted and pay-per-use consumptions, we have optimized ourselves to meet all such needsĀ 


Tax Complaint


Significant reduction in turnaround time


Enables early payment realisation


Receivable risk analysis


Get ROI as you scale!

As your leasing business grows, our pricing provides significant return on your investment as
it would be a fraction of cost for managing invoicing manually
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Receivable reporting
  • Invoice reporting
  • Real-time ledgers
  • Payment Reminders & Notifications
  • Risk Analysis


Frequently Asked Questions

Given the complexity of Invoicing process, we understand you would need to know more

Can it integrate with GST portal for E-Invoicing?

Yes we have integrated with authorized GSP to ensure all GST related compliances can be taken care of. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants & finance experts to ensure seamless compliances

Can it send automated payment reminders?

Our back-end engineering allows you to send automated payment reminders to trigger your customers for early payments and helps you to achieve your collections on time

Can it integrate with Payment Gateway to eliminate reconciliations?

Yes we have integrated with leading payment gateways to allow seamless payment collections

Can I send pre and post dated Invoices if needed?

Quick Invoice allows you to maintain monthly and yearly series. This flexibility allows you to generate pre-dated or post-dated invoices to rectify errors or omissions

How does the system ensures internal controls?

Invoicing workflow allows 2 step verification system for invoicing. Further it has a role based access management system to ensure the respective team member can access only data specific to their role

Can we store data in our own servers?

We understand your data security concerns and hence give you complete flexibility to host our application on your servers

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