Inefficient Workplace management is not about inefficient admin team – It’s an easy to solve problem

One of the most daunting yet thankless jobs at the workplace is to manage admin tasks like handling reservations, organizing meetings, welcoming guests at reception, dealing with enquiries, tracking reports, maintaining office management etc. These tasks are operational intensive and generally managed by the admin & support team manually. Given the nature of these activities, it is humanly difficult to manage them and even the simplest of the errors attract attention and criticism from coworkers. 

Coworkers often crib about how bad the experience was last time their meeting room was occupied by some other team or the amount of time, housekeeping team took to refill the toiletries but seldom anyone steps up to resolve these inefficiencies. It just becomes another office gossip and cribbing topic.

Since these tasks are not critical to business, these are largely ignored by the management as these inefficiencies are not perceived as a major problem to be solved.  However it is not the The admin staff that is inefficient, rather it is the inherent nature of the workplace operations and entire workplace management.

How do these inefficiencies impact coworkers?

Although it is not often realized that you need admin support at the last minute, they are ready to help you regardless of what you criticize about them. Coworkers need their support even in the worst of situations. Hence these situations result into the following drawbacks: 

  1. It creates chaos and may result into last minute panic and embarrassments
  2. A vicious cycle is created and leads to unresolved communication 
  3. It leads to conflicts between the shared offices
  4. Coworkers are not able to book their meetings at their convenient timings 
  5. Coworkers have to visit to the specific departments for resolution of queries

However, when it comes to the impact of these inefficiencies on coworkers, the list is endless. Have you ever heard someone say, “Admin right?” “It has to be a cupcake!” It’s simple to grumble about your ineffective office administration crew. Most organizations believe that inefficiency exists in their administrative personnel, but this is not the case. Inefficiency stems from management and you can improve it only by setting a good example and providing your staff with the tools they need to do their jobs well.

Manually handling reports and papers exposes your company to jeopardy. Clients want to know that their information is safe and secure. It is tough to discover such confidential client paperwork among the heaps and stacks of papers and documents. As a result, you may be at risk of losing those clients. So, which workplace wants that? None, right? When it comes to meeting reservations, this occurs in all businesses and shared offices. In fact, there are meeting conflicts; for example, you may walk to the reception desk to arrange a meeting, only to discover that it has already been reserved by someone else. In such an instance, you’d have no choice but to reserve a time that isn’t convenient for you. There are a lot of situations like this that occur on a regular basis in corporate workplaces.

Have you ever thought why managing bookings and maintaining manual reports is a daunting task? Managed offices and workplaces continue to rely on manual management systems. It is difficult in India to accept new technology, but it is far more difficult to attain efficiency and dependability through manual work. Things aren’t tough; we make them so. We manually keep a record of employees, clients, staff, and so on, rather than using simple software that automates the process. The calculator is the finest example of the contrast between manual and automated operation. No human can boost efficiency and dependability in the way that it does. A human is capable of making mistakes, but a calculator is not. Similarly, a workplace management must recognize the significance of automation. 

Using and working with automated workplace softwares such as Amspaces will not only raise your sales but will also help you keep your customers in the long term. This solution for collaborative office management has a plethora of features and capabilities. It is not only restricted to easily scheduling meeting spaces and having access to a ticketing system to raise and resolve queries and complaints, but there is much more to it. You can get access to a completely customized visitor registration system and check in facility. While it is feature-rich, simple to use, and packed with user-friendly features, it is the ideal choice for coworking spaces, smart offices, and managed offices. All of this contributes to it being one of the top workplace management systems in the marketplace.

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