How inefficient admin processes lead to loss of productivity at work and how they can be solved?

In the past few years, workplaces have witnessed a lot of changes in terms of culture and flexibility to be provided to coworkers. For a coworker, a regular day at a workplace may involve a lot of administration tasks like scheduling and managing bookings, inviting guests and visitors, finding contact details of other coworkers, reporting an incident, raising a stationary request, etc. These are basic needs at the workplace but if the process becomes daunting, it leads to frustration and loss of productivity.

How do basic workplace processes hamper productivity?

Have you ever pondered that there are endless problems manually managing everything at a workplace? Like, If you want to book a meeting room at the office for yourself or your team, you will first have to visit the reception and find out the availability of the meeting room. You may or may not be able to reserve the meeting room at your convenient time. Further, there could be a last minute change as someone from the senior team might occupy the meeting room booked for an urgent meeting. This leads to panic & chaos at the last minute. Inefficiency again, right? 

Similarly, for addressing a complaint or query, you first have to visit the particular department, you may or may not get in touch with that department or might have to visit multiple floors or go through hierarchies to highlight one simple incident like washroom cleanliness. This not just results in delay in query addressal and resolution but also leads to wastage of time for mundane tasks. This overall gives an unpleasant experience to the coworkers at the workplace.

Not just for internal coworkers, an unpleasant registration process for a guest at the reception leaves them harboring a poor impression about the brand and culture.

All of these tasks are often neglected, citing them as back-office work. But in the process, it makes a huge impact on the overall workplace environment and employee productivity. But they simply don’t go beyond pantry-room gossip and vent out sessions over lunch breaks.

Why do these problems persist?

It’s the admin team and facility managers that take the blame for these poor experiences. However, it is not the inefficiencies of the department but the inherent nature of these issues. Since the workplace is a shared facility, managing it demands clear communication, transparency and easy flow of information, lack of which often leads to miscommunication and chaos.

Often due to involvement of multi level process and communications, these problems are either neglected in the name of admin tasks or are considered unsolvable. As a result the problem solving part never goes beyond initial discussions.

The Solution

A systematic approach to automate these issues can bring complete transparency and eliminate miscommunications. These combined together can bring not just time efficiency but can also bring harmony in workplace interactions. Easier said than done, it is difficult to device a tech-enabled solution to automate these processes as it demands a detailed understanding of processes as well as technology. Execution prowess is equally important to get a sustainable solution.

As concerned teams usually lack technological know-how, these processes get stuck in spreadsheet to manage them.

 To address these fundamental issues, Amspaces has developed a flexible and scalable solution for the workplaces. Smart Office is a tech driven solution for office and shared workplaces all around. It enables automation of basic admin tasks like meeting room bookings, visitors management, incident reporting, office communications, etc. 

While you have numerous significant tasks to complete at your workplace, why not delegate these admin tasks to the cutting-edge management software? Get your workplace equipped with Amspaces software and reap the perks of trouble-free management. A system that will help you solve all your workplace intricate challenges and transform them into effortless solutions! 

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